Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock 17S045
Year 2003
VIN 1FAFP************
Body Type 4DR
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
Back Window(HEATED), SED-65.00
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, LeftLH,BEI/AQ,SED, LH-150.00
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, RightRH,BEI/AQ,SED, RH-150.00
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleMULTIFUNCTION, (GENERAL ELECTRIC MOD),50.00
Brake ABS Power BoosterW/O ABS-50.00
Center ConsoleGRY/TA,(FLR), W/O SVT; HI SER, AT, ARMRN/A
Clutch FlywheelOIC,AT, DOHC, 2.0L (4-121)25.00
Cooling Fan MotorOIC,FAN ASSY, AC, DOHC, 2.3L-45.00
Cooling RadiatorAT, SOHC45.00
Engine Air Flow MeterDOHC, 2.3L (4-140, PZEV)-35.00
Engine Complete*2.3L,'Z',PZEV-137K,OP30,RUNS GOOD350.00
Engine Ignition Computer, RightELE CNTRL MOD, (BASE OF RH A PILLAR), 2N/A
Frame Cradle Power Plant X Member*FR, (SUSP)-85.00
Front Door Glass, LeftLH,EXC CPE; LH-45.00
Front Door Glass, RightRH,EXC CPE; RH-45.00
Front Door Outside Mirror, LeftMAN-LEVER, LH-,BLK TXD30.00
Front Door Window Regulator, LeftLH,EXC CPE; MAN, LH-40.00
Front Door Window Regulator, RightRH,EXC CPE; MAN, RH-40.00
Front Door, Left000,LH,BEI/AQ,EXC CPE; MAN WNDS, LH SID150.00
Front Door, Right000,RH,BEI/AQ,EXC CPE; MAN WNDS, RH SID150.00
Front Fender, Right000,RH,BEI/AQ,RH-75.00
Front Seat, RightRH,GRY/TA,CLO,(BCKT), (ADJ HEADREST), B60.00
Front Suspension Knee, Left*LH,SED, LH W/O ABS-95.00
Front Suspension Stabilizer BarDOHC, EXC SVT-50.00
Fuel Tank PumpOIC,PMP ASSY, 2.3L-50.00
Instrument PanelGRY/TA125.00
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemCHECK ID, CASSETTE45.00
Instrument Panel Entertainment System, LeftCD-CHANGER-W/MAG, MNTD ON LH PACKAGE SH100.00
Instrument Panel Speedometer HeadMPH,137K,EXC SVT,CHK IDN/A
Instrument Panel Temperature ControlBLACK FINISH-35.00
Liftgate, Decklid, or Tailgate6D2,BEI/AQ,SED, W/O SPO-75.00
Misc Body Interior PartsGRY/TAN/A
Quarter Glass, LeftLH,SED, LH-45.00
Quarter Glass, RightRH,SED, RH-45.00
Quarter Panel, Left000,LH,BEI/AQ,SED, LH-200.00
Quarter Panel, Right000,RH,BEI/AQ,SED, RH-200.00
Rear Axle Stub, LeftLH,TRAILING ARM AND KNU, SED, LH-60.00
Rear Axle Stub, LeftLH,SPN, DRUM BR, W/O ABS-60.00
Rear Axle Stub, RightRH,SPN, DRUM BR, W/O ABS-60.00
Rear Axle Stub, RightRH,TRAILING ARM AND KNU, SED, RH-60.00
Rear Bumper000,NICE RP BLACK,SED-175.00
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door), Right7R2,RH,BEI/AQ,EXC SW; MAN WNDS, RH SIDE175.00
Rear Door Glass, LeftLH,(TIN), EXC SW; LH-45.00
Rear Door Glass, RightRH,(TIN), EXC SW; RH-45.00
Rear Door Window Regulator, LeftLH,MAN, LH-40.00
Rear Door Window Regulator, RightRH,MAN, RH-40.00
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, LeftLH,SED, BLACK BKING IN HSNG (3 BULBS),35.00
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, RightRH,SED, BLACK BKING IN HSNG (3 BULBS),35.00
Rear Suspension, Left*LH,W/O CROSSMEMBER; EXC SW; W/O SVT; D100.00
Rear Suspension, Right*RH,W/O CROSSMEMBER; EXC SW; W/O SVT; D100.00
RoofBEI/AQ,SED, W/O SUN-150.00
Steering ColumnBLK,BAGB,FLR, CPE, EXC SVT; FIXED WHL,75.00
Steering Column Combination SwitchWPR, W/O RR WASHER AND WIPER; W/O VAR I35.00
Steering Column Combination SwitchTURN SIGNL, (STALK SWTCH)-35.00
Steering Gear or Rack and PinionRACK AND PIN, EXC SVT; (ID SPR-VG)-50.00
WheelOIC,14X5-1/2 (STEEL)-25.00
WheelOIC,14X5-1/2 (STEEL)-25.00
WheelOIC,14X5-1/2 (STEEL)-25.00
Wheel Cover(14', SIMULATED LUG NUTS)-15.00
Wheel Cover(14', SIMULATED LUG NUTS)-15.00
Wheel Cover(14', SIMULATED LUG NUTS)-15.00
Wheel Cover(14', SIMULATED LUG NUTS)-15.00
Windshield Interior Sun Visor, Left000,LH,GRY/TA,LH, VINYL, W/O MAP STRAP-N/A
Windshield Interior Sun Visor, Right000,RH,GRY/TA,RH, VINYL, W/O MAP STRAP-N/A
Windshield Washer ReservoirW/O RR WASHER-,N2C35.00
Windshield Wiper MotorMOTOR ONLY-35.00
Windshield Wiper MotorMOTOR AND TRANSMISSION-50.00